The Editing You Deserve

If you're seeking compassionate and comprehensive care for your writing project, you're in the right place.

I use an all-in approach to help you craft the quality piece of writing you have in mind.

DeVore Editorial is not your standard editing service. I will work with you until your labor of love gleams like the sparkling gem you envision it to be. It is my highest calling to edit your passion project.

I can help you work miracles with any form of the written word: essays, articles, novels, cover letters, web content, short stories, dissertations, and more—just ask!

Sometimes we know what we want to say, but not quite how to say it. Our words may not match our message and so our true meaning gets lost or obscured.

Sometimes we're so close to a project that we don't see it the way a reader might.

Sometimes we just get stuck. 

These challenges are a normal part of any writing process, but I can help you say exactly what you mean.

Offering up your writing to an editor for feedback can be intimidating. With DeVore Editorial, though, your work is in hands as loving as they are capable. 

First consultations are complimentary to find out if we are a good fit to create something beautiful together. 

Jaclyn DeVore

Jaclyn DeVore, editor and owner of DeVore Editorial.   Photo by  Jose Lopez Jr. Photography .

Jaclyn DeVore, editor and owner of DeVore Editorial.
Photo by Jose Lopez Jr. Photography.

A good editor leaves no fingerprints.
— Jaclyn DeVore, DeVore Editorial

I have 14 years of diverse, professional editing experience and I love to help people through the process of bringing their writing to its highest potential. 

With the ear of a trained therapist and the eye of an experienced editor, I promise to help your writing shine. 

To set up a time to work with me on your writing project, email me at

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“I cannot express how much gratitude I have for Jaclyn’s skill, time, suggestions, and encouragement. She always helps me see the gaps in my narrative and supports my efforts in a loving and thoughtful way.”
— Kim P., author & teacher
“Jaclyn really knows how to capture an audience’s attention. Her approach is both creative and strategic to help you craft a message that is effective yet personal, with just the right tone - which is tough but critical in written communication.”
— Anna O., designer
“Jaclyn DeVore is a master at perfecting the written word and well versed in the stylistic variations of all mediums. She has brought out the best in my poetry, cover letters, essays, and blog posts. Jaclyn lovingly views each piece as if it were her own, which makes for a beautiful and enriching experience.”
— Sarah S., writer & poet
“Jaclyn works hard and beautifully on the articles for our academic journal.”
— William B., professor & editor
“We had a (very) rough draft of our rental property listing. Jaclyn transformed it into a meaningful story that jumped off the page to reach our potential renters. Her work has greatly increased our bookings and we’re so grateful. Thank you, Jaclyn, for all your thoughtfulness and expertise.”
— Syndee D., business owner
“Jaclyn’s way of shaping ideas into meaningful words is simply magical. She has coaxed fuzzy ideas from my head and helped turn them into eloquent narratives. As someone who struggles to form words from my enthusiasms, I am grateful for Jaclyn’s gift of transforming intangible notions into clear writing. Jaclyn has taught me to express my truth in an economy of words. She overcame all obstacles while editing my work. Her guidance and editing truly bring writing to life.”
— Emily O., creative entrepreneur