Introducing Editorial Assistants Alyssa Dannaker & Kerri Olson

Exciting news, everyone! The DeVore Editorial collective continues to grow its offerings to better support writers, editors, and other creatives—which means our team is growing too. This month, we’re officially welcoming two new Editorial Assistants, Alyssa Dannaker and Kerri Olson. Let’s get to know Alyssa and Kerri a little more.

Kerri Olson (left) and Alyssa Dannaker (right) join the DeVore Editorial team as Editorial Assistants.

Kerri Olson (left) and Alyssa Dannaker (right) join the DeVore Editorial team as Editorial Assistants.

Tell us a little about yourselves.

KO: I’m a native of south Alabama, but I currently live in Colorado with my husband, our three-year-old daughter, and a sweet old pup named Charlie.

AD: I live a little outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my boyfriend, his family, and their three dogs. It's a crowded house but a lovely home base!

Why did you become an editor?

KO: I became an editor because my classmates in middle school throughout college needed help with their papers, and I’ve just never stopped.

AD: I became an editor because I've happily tidied up written words throughout my career from literary studies to marketing and copywriting to editing.

What types of projects do you absolutely love to work on?

KO: I really enjoy fantasy, but any kind of fiction is always fun to work on. I also find creative nonfiction to be challenging and satisfying, because it’s sometimes a lot more personal in nature and you learn a lot about both the subject matter and the author.

AD: I like cleaning up business copy and helping dreamers and innovators share their messages with the right people. I also love working on self-help and other nonfiction projects because they're a creative step up from what I normally help polish.

What do you like to do when you aren’t editing?

KO: I love to hike and camp, and I enjoy cooking. If I’m campfire cooking, then all the better! (Have you ever just chucked an onion into a fire? I highly recommend it.) Reading is my lifelong love though, so I’ve always got a book nearby in case I get a few spare minutes to escape reality.

AD: I like watching indie movies, reading grammar books for fun (obviously!), and finding new vegan restaurants to visit. I also love spending time with my equally nerdy boyfriend, who occasionally makes me hop on my bike for a cycling adventure date.

If you could share with all the writers of the world one piece of wisdom, what would it be?

KO: Read a lot, write something (anything!) daily, and hire a great editor!

AD: If there's even just one person who could benefit from your message, keep writing!