Six Unexpected Times You May Need an Editor

Six Unexpected Times You May Need an Editor


Besides the inevitable emails, maybe the only thing you’ve ever had to write is a thank-you note or two. Or maybe you’ve written fifty best-selling novels. Most likely, though, you fall somewhere in between. Wherever you land on this writing spectrum, there will be times when you’ll benefit from hiring a good editor.

Editors don’t just work on books; we help improve your writing in many different forms. From business materials to property listings and personal essays to cover letters, we’re available to help you with all your written word needs. Here are a few of the unexpected times that you may need an editor.

1. When you’re writing business materials

You want your business to look its very best, and part of that is having written materials that are concise, consistent, and correct. Whether it’s copy for an ad, a blog post, or a newsletter, we love learning about your business and conveying your message in a professional, creative, and on-brand way.

2. When you’re writing property listings

You’ve invested hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars in sprucing up your home and you’ve even got fresh cookies out on the counter. But to drive house shoppers to your property, you need a great property listing. We’ll whip up a listing that will have house hunters knocking down your door in no time.

3. When you’re writing about your Airbnb or vacation rentals

When you’re looking for a place to stay, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’re probably not just interested in the number of bedrooms and bathrooms a place has, are you? The same goes for your potential renters. You want those who are browsing your listing to understand what kind of experience they’ll have if they stay at your place, just by reading the description you’ve provided. Let us give your Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO listing the right vacation vibe it needs to get more attention from renters.

4. When you’re writing personal statements and essays

Maybe you’re one essay away from being admitted to the program of your dreams or from earning that scholarship you really need, but you’re feeling a little lackluster on paper. Whether it’s describing an epic achievement or a time you’ve solved a difficult problem, we can help you draw on the most powerful moments of your life to create the best essay possible. We enjoy refining your writing to make your personal story come alive in an impressive and attention-getting way, and we feel privileged to assist you in meeting your goals.

5. When you’re writing résumés and cover letters

If you’ve ever applied for a job, you probably know how important an error-free résumé is. By the time you’ve gone through the lengthy ordeal of finding your dream job, you may be drawing a blank on the cover letter or needing fresh eyes on your résumé. Let us work our magic to help you stand out from the other applicants.

6. When you need copywriting and creative content

You know the message you want to send; you just don’t know how to say it. We love filling in the blanks for you and writing copy that interests and informs your audience, as well as aligns with your company culture and branding. From social media to blogs to websites, digital content is king in this age of technology. By using search engine optimization and skillful writing, we make sure you have a robust presence online that will draw in views, build an audience, and represent you as the expert that you are.

When most people envision an editor, they imagine someone who reads books all day, searching for grammar and spelling errors. While that is a big part of our work, we do much more than that! From business, personal, and academic writing to creative content and marketing, a good editor can support you at any point of the writing process of just about any type of materials. To learn how our team at DeVore Editorial can help you, fill out our form here and one of our editors will be in touch with you soon. And, yes, we can even help you with those thank-you notes!

Introducing Editorial Assistants Alyssa Dannaker & Kerri Olson

Introducing Editorial Assistants Alyssa Dannaker & Kerri Olson