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We’ve got you! If you’ve written something and would like to know the next steps or desire some outside perspective, schedule a complimentary Editing Coaching session with DeVore Editorial.

DeVore Editorial is a leading editorial collective recognized for its proven editing process and unique writer-editor relationships that provides comprehensive editing services and support, from idea to publication, to independent authors and entrepreneurs. By offering premium editing services, remaining a partner in writing growth, and maintaining a commitment to excellence, DeVore Editorial helps companies and individuals share their passion projects and motivating missions with the world through the written word.
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Premium Editing Services

Partner in Writing Growth

Commitment to Excellence

The Editing You Deserve

If you're seeking compassionate and comprehensive care for your writing project, you're in the right place.

We use an all-in approach to help you craft the quality piece of writing you have in mind.

DeVore Editorial is not your standard editing service. We will work with you until your labor of love gleams like the sparkling gem you envision it to be. It is our highest calling to edit your passion project.

Using our proven process of Manuscript Therapy℠, we can help you work miracles with any form of the written word: essays, articles, novels, cover letters, web content, short stories, dissertations, and more—just ask!

Whether you’re looking for more eyes on your work, feeling unsure of your words, or are just plain stuck, then you’re not alone! These challenges are a normal part of any writing process, but we can help you say exactly what you mean.

Offering up your writing to an editor for feedback can feel intimidating. With DeVore Editorial, though, your work is in hands as loving as they are capable. 

First consultations are complimentary to find out if we are a good fit to create something beautiful together.